The NAM Committee

The following band of merry men and women are the NAM committee. These people give up their free time to help maintain and further develop the group.

Without these people and the time they invest, the club would not survive.

Their sole aim is to ensure the club continues to run and meet its objectives. They are selected by the membership to serve all members of the group, so it is both the right and responsibility of each member to ensure any issues, queries, concerns etc are brought to the attention of the committee as soon as possible.

The following is a list of positions and their current occupants together with a brief description of the role.

Chairman: Mick Goodwin

Mick Goodwin


Mick not only a stalwart of the training team but also our chairman.

Mick has a lot of experience in the motorcycle world in general and NAM specifically being an active member for a number of years.

As chairman Mick holds the tiller for NAM controlling the direction we take and getting the best out of the other committee members.

The chairman is in charge of the committee meetings and has a big say on the future direction of NAM.

Secretary: Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson


As secretary Michael records the events at the committee meetings and looks after communication with other organisations.

This means Michael's life is made up of note taking, letter writing, question answering, meeting organising and much more.

Treasurer: Colin Irvine

Colin Irvine


Colin has the job of looking after the books, making sure all of the clubs money is handled properly and that NAM remains solvent. This is often a complicated task, keeping a watchful eye on the money coming in and money going out.

Membership Secretary April Goodwin

April Goodwin


As membership secretary April keeps track of all NAM members including new entrants, associates and full members. April will be trying to make sure she has your contact details correct so please help her with this. Also each year she has to keep track of who has and has not paid their annual subs - so pay up by standing order and make her job easier.

Chief Observer: Jack Stewart

Jack Stewart


Jack co-ordinates the training group, with the other members he has the job of organising the training programmes that our associates will follow.

Jack has been an active member of the training team for a number of years and btings a wealth of experience to this role.

Training Administrator: Eric Fitzpatrick

Eric Fitzpatrick


Eric is our observer administrator.

He has the responsibility for all the Observers he aims to ensure they have what they need to help them remain motivated and continue to enjoy the essential task they are performing.

Eric has the job of allocating the best observer for a particular associate taking into account location, machine type and other factors to make the training process a success.

Rideout Coordinator: David Murphy

David Murphy


David is our rideout coordinator this means he organises our monthly rideouts aiming to have new and interesting rides every month. Of course, this is a no win task, as what one group of people find interesting and challenging, another group will either feel it was too challenging, too long, boring, too short etc. etc. This is compounded by the difficulty involved in coordinating what can be in excess of 30 bikes, trying to get everyone off at a given time and not lose anyone before returning home etc.

Don't forget, if you have a favourite route, why not invite the group and turn it into a rideout? Contact David who will be more than willing to help you with any planning and organization.

Marketing: Danny Holmes

Danny Holmes


Danny has the job of promoting NAM to the outside world.

This can get very complicated and will involve many aspects of NAM Danny will leave no stone unturned.

Merchandising: Bob Atwell

Bob Atwell

You'll see Bob at most club nights with sample items for you to order.

Bob has sourced good quality, value for money items which have the NAM logo sewn in to make them extra special.

Bob also has popular items from the IAM website in stock for you to buy.

Social Secretary: John McCormick

John McCormick


John makes the arrangements for many of the club events.

This includes booking rooms for club nights and committee meetings. John plays a big role in the Pitlochry organisation getting the best possible deal for NAM.

The events last year included the Christmas party which included the cut price deal we had on room bookings.

Group Newsletter: Tom Iveson

Tom Iveson


Tom is the new editor and producer of the NAM group newsletter.

Please support Tom by providing articles and ideas for article which he can use.

You can contact Tom using the email address above

As with previous editors Tom is keen for the newsletter to contain articles from as many members of our club as he can. So if you have information about equipment, a favourite route, a biker freindly cafe, pictures of your bike or just about anything biker related send them to Tom and turn them into an item for the newsletter. You can write your article as a review or a story whatever way gets your idea over best.

Web Monkey: David Steedman

David Steedman


Dave looks after the website and the NAM Forum. If there are any problems with the either please let us know by using the form on the contact page.