Rideouts & events

This year we have rideouts taking place on the first and third Sunday of each month in the 'biking season'. The first of the year is in March, and the last is in October.

Associates Rides

The Associates ride out is on the first Sunday of the month and is intended for the less experienced rider. It is a opportunity for riders to see the Drop Off System in action and for them to experienced group riding. An associate ride is usually around 100-150 miles with several refreshment stops

Senior Rides

On the third Sunday is our Senior Ride and is a more demanding event and will usually be in excess of 200 miles. Riders wishing to take part in a Senior Ride must first attend an Associate Ride in order that they can be assessed by an observer as to their competence at group riding and the drop off system. For this purpose a Summer Chip Shop Ride can take the place of the Associate Ride Out.

Guests Joining a NAM Ride Out.

Would all guests please make themselves known to the Ride Out Coordinator or the Ride Out Leader at the rendezvous point.

The onus is on the associate or guest to make his or herself known to an observer prior to the start of the ride.

​On all rides your motorcycle must be taxed, insured and have a current MOT (if needed). All rides are considered 'Green Badge' events and as such it is expected that the standard of riding should be commensurate with membership of NAM and the IAM.​​

Observers attending rides are asked to offer support and feedback to riders as considered appropriate.

The start point for the rideouts is the car park of the Seaton Burn services, just off the Seaton Burn roundabout where the A19 meets the A1068 and the A1 (next to the Holiday Inn Hotel)

View the meeting point on our map page

We depart at 10:00am, so aim to arrive at around 09:30-09:45am to allow time for a quick briefing and re-fueling your bike if required.

We can get in excess of 30 bikes on any given rideout. Therefore, in the interests of safety and consideration to other road users, we may split into smaller groups which ride about 5-10 minutes apart (but still rendezvous at the same coffee/fuel/lunch stops).

All monthly rideouts employ the 'Dropoff' System to ensure we don't have any riders go astray.

These are a great opportunity to ride with friends to places you may not have visited in the past or possibly not even been aware of. Even if you have been to the location before, there is a good chance you may go via a route which is new to you which may take you to an, as yet, undiscovered (by you) coffee stop!

As well as rideouts, we also have several other events take place during the year. These can be karting, factory visits, weekend's away and Disco/Dinners etc.

Chip Shop Rides - in order to ensure a degree of safety and best practice whilst retaining some of the informality enjoyed by members, Chip Shop Rides will be monitored by the Ride Out coordinator who will ensure that members are appropriately briefed, especially with regard to the drop off system, and that back markers are identified to all riders. Where necessary riders will be divided into groups as deemed appropriate to promote safe riding.

We've kept a record of previous years rideouts on rideouts 2009, rideouts 2010, rideouts 2011, rideouts 2012, rideouts 2013 , rideouts 2014, rideouts 2015, rideouts 2016 and rideouts 2017

Some good advice and information has been posted on the forum - please click on this link, this is a must read - Rideout notes

The following is a timetable of forthcoming rideouts and other events...

NAM Rideouts & Events 2018

When Who What & Where
13 January Training Team

Bluetooth Training for Observers at McDonalds, Metrocentre, Saturday 13 January 2018, 0930

10 February Training Team

Sat Nav Training.

**** Cancelled **** 18 March **** Cancelled **** Rick Henderson

Senior Ride Out.

Unfortunately due to the weather conditions tomorrow's (18March) ride out has been cancelled - we'll try and run this on another date - so keep an eye out for further updates.

Mountain Views and Fish ‘n’ Chips

Rick has put the route on google maps just click here

Here is the March ride out route

First ride out of the season is a jaunt through Northumberland taking in some of the roads highlighted in the recent club survey.

127 miles only. Fuel on the A1 at 73 miles.

24 March **** Postponed **** Training Team

Pillion Training.

This will now be done in a combined session with the Touring Tips Training on 21 April.

01 April Colin Irvine

Associates Ride Out. NAM Through The Borders

This is open to all members.

The route is here ( 160kb PDF)

The route as a sat nav gpx file (for Garmin) here

15 April Ian Du Rose

Senior Ride Out.

Ian is taking us on a ride to Masham.

The route is here ( 160kb PDF)

The route as a sat nav gpx file (for Garmin) to Masham

The route as a sat nav gpx file (for Garmin) Mashamt to Brockbush;s

21 April Colin Irvine

Touring Tips and Pillion Training

6 May Steve Allport

Associates Ride Out.

This is open to all members.

Steve is taking in some of the best biking roads in the Northumberland, Durham and Cumbria area.

The route is here ( 160kb PDF)

20 May Terry Murphy

Senior Ride Out.

Terry is taking down to North Yorkshire.

The route is here ( 160kb PDF)

The route as a sat nav gpx file (for Garmin) here

25 - 28 May (Friday - Monday) Fort William Weekend

We are getting a good deal with a Shearings hotel Caledonian Hotel

3 June Rick Henderson

Associates Ride Out.

This is open to all members.

The route is here ( 160kb PDF)

17 June George Jobson

Senior Ride Out.

A ride across to Dumfries.

The route as a sat nav gpx file, taken from our members Facebook. here

18th-23rd June Colin Irvine

Channel Hop

Aimed at those new to touring. Limited places. Details from colin_irvine@fastmail.fm

19 June Training Team

Observer Evening Meeting.

01 July Michael Sutherland

Associates Ride Out.

Hutton Le Hole and the North York Moors

This is open to all members.

The route is here ( 160kb PDF)

12 July Training Team

Bike Control Skills at Heighley Gate Garden Cente

15 July Dave Glennie

Senior Ride Out.


The route is in the attached pdf file: Route ( 57kb PDF)

The map as a Garmin sat nav gpx route Garmin sat nav route

The map as a TomTom sat nav itn route TomTom sat nav route

Note: Dave will be making a stop at Staindrop so that people can bail out early to get back in time to catch the start of the World Cup final which starts at 4pm.

05 August Louise Potts

Associates Ride Out.

This is open to all members.

12 August April Goodwin

Ladies Ride Out.

Meet Seaton Burn at 10am for a 10:30 start.

16 August Training Team

Slow riding skills at Heighley Gate

19 August April Goodwin

Senior Ride Out.

21 August Training Team

Observer Evening Meeting.

02 September David Murphy

The Jack Lormor Memorial Rideout

09 September April Goodwin

Ladies Ride Out.

Meet Seaton Burn at 10am for a 10:30 start.

16 September Danny Holmes

Senior Ride Out.

25 September Training Team

Introduction to Commentating.

07 October Martin Trainer

Associates Ride Out.

This is open to all members.

13 October Training Team

Winter Riding.

21 October Keith Miller

Senior Ride Out.

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