The NAM Training Team

The following is the NAM Training Team.

This team organises and arranges the training at all levels in the club, from associates to senior observers.

The team with its wealth of experience is responsible for maintaining and improving standards across NAM by organising training events including slow speed training, associates theory sessions, and observer training

Not sitting on their laurels the members of the team continue to take part in their own training to maintain their high standards.

Chief Observer: Jack Stewart

Paddy Jarvis

Jack co-ordinates the training group, with the other members he has the job of organising the training programmes that our associates will follow.

Jack is an experienced rider who has served on the training team for ever so long.

Convenor: Mick Goodwin

Mick Goodwin

Mick has the job of helping organise our class room based training events.

Mick understands the importance of good communication and presents training and facilitates training given by others.

Training Team Admin: Eric FitzPatrick

Eric Fitzpatrick

Eric has the job of allocating the best observer for a particular associate taking into account location, machine type and other factors to make the training process a success.

Eric has a wealth of riding experience which he is keen to share. You'll find him at most training events, keen to pass on his extensive knowledge.

Training Team Member: Michael Sutherland

Eric Fitzpatrick

Michael is an experienced rider who has led many a rideout. Michael has helped many an associate to pass their advanced test.

Training Team Member: Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson

Michael is an experienced rider who has helped many an associate to pass their advanced test.

The man has many ideas on how we can be helped to be better riders!

Training Team Member: Mel Leitch

Mel Leitch

Mel has been a driver in much of the innovation which is happening in NAM's training program. He has been heavily involved in producing the training section of the website including the demonstration videos showing aspects of advanced training.